The Best Sports Rehabilitation Centers in India now paving way for your early recovery!

The Best Sports Rehabilitation Centers in India now paving way for your early recovery!

Sports Injuries are inevitable outcomes of participation in sports. Be it football or gymnastics, sports injuries are a commonplace however getting back to pre-injury level as soon as possible for a sports person is must as it may hamper their performance. For those seeking sports rehabilitation abroad, India is one of the best places to get rehabilitation at.

Medical Tourism in India

With India becoming a hot destination for providing physiotherapy rehabilitation for various musculoskeletal and sports injuries, some of the best sports rehabilitation centers in India are now paving way for your early recovery.

India has over the years got the repute of being one of the most sought after medical tourism destinations across the world where many patients from across the globe come to India for medical treatment. Physiotherapy Rehabilitation is one such branch of Physical Medicine which rehabilitates you to the pre-injury level as far as sports rehabilitation is concerned.

Facilities and treatments available at the best sports rehabilitation centers in India

Some of the best sports rehabilitation centers in India are equipped with all the amenities which makes them comparable with any facility of repute in the western countries. Among the many reasons why people now prefer India for sports rehabilitation include availability of latest techniques and technology for musculoskeletal rehab, highly experienced and qualified rehabilitation personnel, great hospitality by Indians, good physiotherapy rehabilitation services and the cost.

Your road to recovery with Overseas Rehabilitation Care!

Overseas Rehabilitation Care is a physiotherapy concierge service company that is associated with some of the best sports rehabilitation centers in India. At these rehab centers, we follow certain rehabilitation components which form the foundation of Sports Rehabilitation. These include:

Management of Pain – Therapeutic modalities have a key role to play in the pain management of sports injuries. The modalities alleviate pain and edema and enable the patient to undergo exercise-based rehab program

Muscle Flexibility and Joint Range of Motion – The sports rehab program helps in regaining the joint Range of Motion that has resulted from the injury. Our Flexibility training programs enable the patients to get back to the pre-injury levels.

Muscle Strength and Endurance – The muscle strength and endurance lost due to muscle hypotrophy owing to injury is regained back with the sports rehabilitation programs

Coordination and Proprioception – With neuromuscular re-education coordination is regained and proprioception is regained.

Functional Rehabilitation – The aim of functional rehabilitation is to take into account those activities that may help the sports man back to the field.

Overseas Rehabilitation Care associated hospitals and rehab centers are equipped with all the latest equipment and all the world class amenities that can be comparable with the reputed healthcare facilities in the western world. ORC helps you avail treatment at the best sports rehabilitation centres at a cost which is way lesser than what is being offered in the west. If you are looking for quality and affordable sports rehabilitation in India, you may contact us at +918506006677 or write to us at or visit

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