Stroke Rehabilitation in India – Frequently Asked Questions

Stroke Rehabilitation in India – Frequently Asked Questions

Stroke, one of the leading causes of disability has become an epidemic globally. The disease can lead to impairment of body functions and even disability if not timely treated or if it has a bad prognosis.

At ORC, we understand how severe the outcomes of stroke can be. If you are looking to get your loved one’s stroke rehabilitation in India and have queries and concerns in your mind then this blogpost will be of great help to you. Let’s take a closer look at the disease and find out the answers to frequently asked questions about stroke rehabilitation in India.

Q – How do I find a quality hospital or the best neuro rehabilitation centre for my stroke rehabilitation in India?

A – When you will be searching on the internet for the best stroke rehabilitation centre in India, you will surely come across a lot of claims that would make you confused as to which one to go about. At that point in time, you will need an assistance which would help you to get a clear picture of what is it to get a stroke rehabilitation treatment in India. A medical travel company can be of great help as they would help you to give clarity on which rehabilitation hospital or centre would be the best fit for your needs and your budget. They would help you to make an informed decision to opt out the best stroke rehabilitation centre in India as per your needs.

Q – How will I know that the hospital that I have searched will be on par with my expectations?

A – It is very much an expected question that how would a person sitting in a far flung country know that how will they be treated in a foreign country. In such a situation you should ask the medical travel company about the reviews of other patients who have had treatment at that particular hospital or rehabilitation centre in India. This will help you to get an idea about how are the services of the company, how is the hospital or rehab centre staff in India and how has the experience of other patients been with the rehab centre or stroke hospital in India.

Q – Will I get admitted to the hospital for stroke physiotherapy or will I be treated on OPD basis?

A – This entirely depends upon your condition at the time you avail treatment in India and on your comfort level or choice. There are three ways by which you can avail stroke rehabilitation in India – On OPD basis or IPD basis or at your personal apartment.

Earlier whereas the physiotherapy was restricted to Out-patient department only, it is now available on both In-patient as well as Out-patient basis also. Over the years many rehabilitation facilities have evolved which provide treatment on In-patient facilities as well. Alternately, you can opt to get physiotherapy rehabilitation at your own place if you are not so comfortable with either of the options.

Q – How long will it take me to recover from my present condition?

A – The answer to this question entirely depends upon your condition, your age and co-morbid conditions and your willingness to recover. Some patients with minor impairments recover within a few months whereas others with severe impairment may take a year or two to recover.

Q – Will the life be same after stroke physiotherapy in India as it was before the stroke?

A – Stroke brings along some neurological changes in the brain owing to which you may not be exactly the same as you were before the stroke. However, a person can recover after a stroke with a life as much similar as before depending upon the damage the stroke has brought to them. It is seen that younger patients have a greater recovery as compared with the older patients. It takes about a period of over 6 months for the doctors to decide about the long term goals for the patients.

Q – How much would stroke rehabilitation cost in India?

A – Stroke rehabilitation in India is way inexpensive or way lesser than what it costs in the western countries. It may cost about a third or a fourth of what one has to pay in the western world as compared to what one pays in India.

Q – How will I follow up with the doctor in India once I return back home?

A – It is very obvious of you to think about how you would follow up with the doctor once you are back home or how would you seek doctor’s advice once you are back to your home country. Again, your medical travel partner will ensure that you don’t have any hassles back home or in case you need their help back home, your medical travel partner would reconnect you with the rehabilitation experts for answering all your queries and concerns.

Q – Will I need to make some changes at home once I fly back home?

A – During your stroke rehabilitation in India, you will be educated about the ways by which you can make required modifications in your home or would teach you the ways by which you will be able to adapt to your surroundings back home. The patient education and making them as functionally independent as possible is what the physiotherapy rehabilitation aims at.

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