Sports Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation is the branch of Rehabilitation Medicine dedicated to offering assessment, treatment/ rehabilitation and prevention of injuries related to sports and also focuses on improvement in sports performance. 

At OVERSEAS REHABILITATION CARE (ORC), Sports Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation focuses on providing end-to-end rehabilitation care to patients with the help of hands-on treatment techniques such as electrotherapy modalities, manual therapy, rehabilitation exercises and training. Rehab training not only comprises of injury management but also lays stress on giving agility, coordination, strengthening, stretches and coordination in sports to the patients. PNF and pilates are other therapeutic techniques used by therapists.

With sports physiotherapy now being available at some of the best sports rehabilitation centers in India, getting your sports rehab in India means efficient and early recovery at affordable costs. Overseas Rehabilitation Care associates with some of these best sports rehabilitation centers in India to help you get back to your pre-injury level as soon as possible.

Sports Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation

Sports Physical Conditions
Expected outcomes of Sports Physical Rehabilitation

Special Features

Why ORC?

The uniqueness of Sports physical therapy & rehabilitation program at ORC associated best sports rehab centres in India is that each rehab program is designed as per the requirement of each patient and is customized and comprehensive.

The difference makers at OVERSEAS REHABILITATION CARE (ORC) team are the expert physiatrists and rehabilitation personnel we work with and the infrastructure & technology we have at our state-of-the-art hospitals, clinics & rehabilitation centres. Not only does our rehabilitation team thoroughly assess the patients but provide them as well as their families with the complete support system for the holistic rehabilitation of the patients, teach the ways of injury prevention, functional recovery and performance enhancement.

ORC Goal

Sports Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation has following two major goals based on each individual’s thorough evaluation and revaluation:

  1. Injury prevention – Proper physical conditioning aids in preventing injuries. These include warm up, stretching, strengthening and endurance exercises, sports specific activities, cool down and relaxation techniques. Besides these, evaluation of athletes so as to prevent any future injuries is important. Balance and muscle coordination are other important components under Injury prevention.


  1. Evaluation of condition, treatment & rehabilitation – These include:
  • Assessment of Range of Motion, Function, Strength and Flexibility
  • Techniques to improve Range of Motion through soft tissue mobilization
  • To decrease pain & swelling and promote healing and increase tissue flexibility
  • Persistent conditioning and strengthening

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