Sports Injuries – Common Myths and Facts!

Sports Injuries – Common Myths and Facts!

Despite the plenty of information breaking the internet about sports injuries and their prevention, the myths related to sports injuries still prevail. This article discusses about the common myths about sports injuries and the real facts that should be known to us.

Myth 1 – Running can damage my knees

Fact 1 – When the running is recreational, it does not damage the knees. Contrarily, running improves the muscle and joint health. The joint pain that results after running could be because of poor joint bio-mechanics or wrong running mechanics

Myth 2 – My career would end up if I get an ACL tear injury

Fact 2 – It’s true that ACL tear is a major complicated injury however, it is not a career – ending sports injury. The joint arthroscopic surgery along with a comprehensive rehab program is the key to getting back to sports. The evidence based practice claims that many athletes have gotten back to pre-injury levels post the ACL tear injury.

Myth 3 – Doing exercises more than the prescribed limit would make my condition better

Fact 3 – Exercise have a counterproductive effect during injury. It will further delay your recovery. You should exercise as per the prescribed limit by your physio.

Myth 4 – I must take as much rest as possible when injured.

Fact 4 – Physios do not prescribe complete rest in case of minor sprains or strains. Instead of complete rest, activity modification is what would be advised to you. Moreover, exercising other parts except the injured ones would keep you fit even when injured.

Myth 5 – I must take hot packs during acute phase of the injury

Fact 5 – Hot packs are a strict no! no! during the acute phase of injury as acute phase of the injury is an inflammatory phase. During the inflammation if you further heat up the tissue, it would lead to further inflammation and the sensation of pain would further increase.

Myth 6 – They say, if there’s no pain, there’s no gain!

Fact 6 – This popular cliché doesn’t hold true in case of sports injuries. Contrarily, you must get back to exercising the injured part when there is no pain. Exercising below the levels of pain is always advised by the rehab practitioners.

Myth 7 – Ankle sprain is a common injury. I need not to consult a doctor for this minor condition.

Fact 7 – Ankle sprain is one of the most common sports injuries that are also associated with co-morbidities such as muscle strain, cartilage lesion or even fracture. You must consult your doctor in case of ankle sprain and should not take it lightly.

Myth 8 – Being strong is the key to not getting injured

Fact 8 – If being strong is the key to not getting injured then sportsmen would never get injured. You should exercise to build muscle strength, keep bones healthy however overuse of any joint should be prevented. You must consult your physio as to how much training you should get to keep the ball rolling.

The above mentioned facts are myth busters and would help you to get hassle free and smooth recovery post any sports injury. To know more about sports injuries prevention and sports injuries rehabilitation in India click on the link here

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