A spinal cord injury may be defined as damage to any part of the spinal cord or spinal nerves exiting the end of spinal canal which leads to permanent changes in the strength, sensation and body functions below the level of injury.

In most of the spinal cord injury cases, spinal cord remains intact as for spinal functions to be lost; spinal cord does not have to be completely severed.

Spinal Cord Injury Physical Therapy

Spinal Cord Injury types
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Spinal Cord Injury Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in India


Special Features

Why ORC?

ORC is the most trusted provider of rehabilitation services in India in association with best rehabilitation experts. Being the pioneering medical tourism company in India, ORC has helped numerous of clients from across the world avail quality and affordable medical treatment in India.

Our team of chosen few rehabilitation experts provide customized treatment to patients as per their abilities and demands. The goal directed approach of rehabilitation enables patients to:

  • Improve mobility and physical function
  • Develop skills for performing daily living activities
  • Facilitate activities at home, work or community by utilizing adaptive technologies
  • Overcome psycho-social barriers that may interfere with adjustment to life ahead.

ORC Approach

Our Spinal cord injury rehabilitation programs are designed in such a manner that they help SCI patients realize their physical, social and emotional potentials to the maximum levels. Our interdisciplinary team of rehabilitation experts includes physical, occupational and speech and language therapists who make individualized treatment plan and provide a holistic rehabilitation. Together the team assesses the patient progress and treatment goals and developed and adjusted accordingly.

At ORC associated clinics, we use Combination Therapy which uses an array of therapies for paralytic patients. Combination Therapy uses sophisticated electronic equipment called Mentamove which in conjunction with best treatment approaches makes rehabilitation for paralysed patients highly effective. The principal of “Neuro-plasticity” i.e – ability of brain to reorganize its neuronal network so that it functions by experience based on which Combination Therapy helps patients relearn and adapt to the new conditions.

ORC Goals

We aim at providing comprehensive rehabilitation services tailored to each patient’s needs, abilities and goals. The main goals of our rehabilitation programs aim to help patients in following areas:

  • Managing spasticity
  • Restoring upper extremity function
  • Providing locomotor training
  • Helping with diaphragm pacing system
  • Educating about seating and positioning in the wheel chair
  • Bladder and bowel management
  • Providing self-care skills
  • Providing pre-vocational skills
  • Providing sexuality and fertility management, education and counseling

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