Visa And Travel Guide

This information is essential if you are an overseas client planning to get your Physical Therapy &
Rehabilitation done in India. There is a standard protocol followed in regard to your VISA and registration
process so as to carry forward your Rehab treatment hassle-free in India. At Overseas Rehabilitation
Care, we make sure that that there may not be any unwarranted delay in starting your rehab in India and
thus here we provide a Travel guide for you to understand the nitty-gritty of it.

Your Medical VISA Requirements
If you are a foreign national, apart from Pakistan or Bangladesh, travelling to India with a Medical VISA,
you will first have to get yourself registered at the FFRO or Foreigners Regional Registration Office within
14 days of your arrival in India. Our International Patient Services Desk will help you in your registration
at FRRO. In case you are a Pakistan or Bangladesh National, you will have to get yourself registered
within 24 hours of your arrival at the nearest Police station or Commissioner’s Office.

Step by Step VISA & Travel Guide

Step 1. For your travel to our facility, please confirm your availability for your scheduled rehab treatment with us. It is advised that you get all your queries answered by our experts so as to prevent any last minute hassles.
Step 2 . Once you give your nod for your travel to India, VISA process begins. Your passport details are sought so as to process your VISA
Step 3 . After receiving the passport details, VISA Invitation letter is sent to the Indian Embassy in the respective country and to the patient.
Step 4. The patient carries Medical VISA Invitation letter to the Indian Embassy in his/ her country so as to help the patient procure Medical VISA.
Step 5.Once you receive your Medical VISA to India, your travel itinerary is planned and further steps towards your travel to India are guided by our International Patient Services Desk. We will also help you in booking your flights and will provide you an International Pick up facility and guide you for your accommodation and food choices in India. Overseas Rehabilitation Care is one of the most trusted medical rehabilitation tourism companies in India that give India that give you prompt Medical VISA assistance and travel services so that our clients may not have to wait for long to get their rehab treatment done in India.
For further information about your Visa Application.
visit –

Things To Carry

Planning a hassle free medical tour to India would require you to bring along some important
documents. Below are mentioned some of the important things which you would be requiring while you
embark on your journey to India:
1.Medical treatment related documents – For your treatment requirements, you will have to have a
prior discussion with your rehabilitation experts at the hospital or medical centre where you would
be planning your rehabilitation with. Bring along all your medical records including medical history,
health records, prescriptions, Investigation reports, X- Ray, MRIs, your medicines and relevant
2.Passport & VISA – You would need your VISA to travel to India. Make sure you also carry multiple
copies of your passport size photographs as Identity proof to present wherever they will be needed.
3.Identity Proof and Driving License – These may be required at many an instances while you are here
in India
4.Weather suited Clothing – Your wardrobe should be such that it may be suited according to the
Indian environment, for instance, woolen in winters and summer clothes to tackle the heat.
5.Money/ Currency Exchange – You must carry your credit/ debit cards or traveler’s cheque to ensure
hassle free stay in India.

Admission Process

Step by Step Procedure Guide for your Rehabilitation Treatment in India
Step 1 – Your Medical inquiry is received along with the supporting medical reports and related
Step 2 – The medical opinion from concerned doctor is taken by the medical coordinator including the
indicative treatment cost of rehabilitation treatment and duration of your stay, if required at the hospital
and in India
Step 3 – You would be given options to choose a suitable rehab package as per your treatment budget
followed by fixing up of appointment with your concerned doctor
Step 4 – You would be given VISA assistance for your arrival in India and your travel itinerary to India is
chalked out by the medical coordinator. You would also be given assistance for your
accommodation or hotel booking as per your budget in India
Step 5 – As per your travel itinerary, you would be picked up from the airport and given admission in your
opted hospital/ rehab centre or clinic followed by your treatment at the centre. Further to your treatment in India,
you would be given a drop back to airport while you plan to fly back to your homeland and a further follow-up to ensure that you are doing well at your home.

Payment Information

For making payments, we accept both credit card payments made through VISA or Master Card as well
as payment made through cash. We also help patients exchange currency though Currency Exchange
organisations. The provision of Wire Transfer and Telegraphic Transfer are also available with us.
You can also make online payment with us by simply through our Payment Gateway:

Food Guide

George Bernard Shaw quotes –
There is no sincere love than the love of food.
We, at ORC ensure that our patients deserve best of the cuisine, of their choice, whenever they want to
have. The ORC associated rehabilitation centres, hotels and serviced apartments have dedicated
cafeterias and kitchens which serve International patients exclusively. At our sophisticated hospitals, we
have best of the dining arrangements, snack shops and restaurants to serve our patients. Along with the
hygiene, cleanliness, it becomes needless to mention that all the food on offer are healthy and nutritious
so that they contribute positively in your treatment and lead you to have a speedy recovery.


Understanding the fact that your temporary accommodation in India should not only be convenient for
your stay but should be close by to your rehabilitation centre/ hospital/ clinic which you have opted to
undergo your physical therapy & rehabilitation at, we have a variety of accommodation options ranging
from budget to luxury hotels and serviced apartments for your choice. They have good connectivity with
our rehabilitation centres, clinics and hospitals so as to make your all in-land transfers hassle free.
The dedicated International Help Desk at ORC helps its patients find a suitable accommodation option
which not only makes your stay comfortable but also ensures that your food and transit part are also
well taken care of. We also help you make an informed decision at choosing the right accommodation
which should be in close proximity to your chosen or recommended rehabilitation centre.


India is a country which has to its credit of having one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Every year,
people from across the world come to India to enjoy some of the most popular sights, picturesque &
scenic locations of India.

Once the patient has undergone holistic rehabilitation at ORC associated rehabilitation centres, we help
our patients choose the sights that they wish to visit for their recuperation and speedy recovery. On one
hand, we have options of serene places such as backwaters of kerala, ayurvedagram, beaches of Goa,
where one finds oneness with the nature and on other hand we also have Jacuzzi and Spa centres for
you to relax and soothe your body. Known for its spiritual heritage, you can find inner peace at spiritual
locales like Rishikesh, Haridwar etc. and receive divine cosmic blessings.

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