“Peripheral nerve” is a term often used synonymously with peripheral nervous system (PNS). PNS is a network of nerves that connect brain and spinal cord to rest of the body. The peripheral nerves control the function of movement, sensation and motor coordination. They are fragile and can be easily damaged.

Any injury to peripheral nerves can affect the brain’s ability to communicate with the connected organ or muscle. Some of the common Peripheral nerve injuries are carpal tunnel syndrome, cervical and lumbar radicuopathy, neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome, tardy ulnar palsy, peroneal nerve palsy, brachial plexus injuries, suprascapular nerve palsy, tarsal tunnel syndrome etc.

Peripheral Nerve Injury Physical Therapy

Causes of Peripheral Nerve Injuries
Types of Peripheral Nerve Injuries
Classification of peripheral nerve injuries
Symptoms of Peripheral Nerve Injuries
Diagnosis of a nerve injury
Treatment for Peripheral nerve damage
Peripheral Nerve Injury Physical Therapy Management & Rehabilitation

Special Features

Why ORC?

At OVERSEAS REHABILITATION CARE (ORC), We associate with the most experienced physical therapists and rehabilitation experts who are specialized in diagnosing and treating various types of peripheral nerve injuries. Our team approach and giving a personalized care makes us stand apart from rest of the rehabilitation centers in India.

ORC Approach

At OVERSEAS REHABILITATION CARE (ORC) associated clinics, treatment for peripheral nerve injury is delivered at all stages i.e – at the time of injury or later for evaluation and treatment or at the time when there is no adequate functional recovery after previous treatment (for secondary treatment). It is however important that medical care be given to the patient soon after a peripheral nerve injury (within 9-12 months) beyond which nerves may not regenerate themselves. As nerves have a remarkable ability to regenerate, getting timely recovery done is beneficial for the patient.

The management of peripheral nerve injuries depends upon the type, extent and cause of the injury to the nerve. Regardless of the need of surgery, physiotherapy is vital for the treatment of PNI. Our specialized approach of using bracing, splinting and electrical stimulation makes our program highly efficient for the treatment of nerve injuries.

ORC Goals

Our specialized physiotherapy program aims to:

  • Maintain joint range of motion
  • Enhance muscle strength
  • Manage neuropathic pain
  • Increase sensation
  • Maintain nerve integrity

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