In life’s every sphere – be in school or extra-curricular activities, we want our child to be doing his best. In order to achieve that goal we put in our best efforts to make sure that our child realizes his full potential. For children with special needs, rehabilitation care should be no different.  If your child is facing some difficulties that other children of his age do not, then you need to be a little more concerned about his current abilities and continued development.

We at OVERSEAS REHABILITATION CARE (ORC), provide that expertise and motivation that your child needs to achieve his maximum functional abilities. Pediatric Rehabilitation in India at the OVERSEAS REHABILITATION CARE (ORC) associated best paediatric rehabilitation centers in India focuses on maximizing the function and improving the lives of children with a wide range of conditions such as spina bifida, cerebral palsy, genetic abnormalities, brain injury and other developmental disabilities.    


Paediatric Physical Therapy And Rehabilitation

Paediatric Conditions
Expected Outcomes of Paediatric Rehabilitation

Special Features

Why ORC?

ORC’s paediatric rehabilitation programs at the best paediatric rehab centers and hospitals in India aim at maximizing the functional abilities of a child keeping in mind his holistic development.  ORC’s unique developmental approach to rehabilitation helps in benefiting the child with recreational and functional activities while improving his skills. The use of developmentally appropriate games, sports, activities and adaptive equipment not only increase muscular strength and range of motion, but enhance coordination, attention span and improve the child’s activities of daily living.

ORC Approach?


Our intensive one –on –one therapy approach and making the therapy sessions as child-friendly as possible makes our rehabilitation program stand out in the region. Our program offers interdisciplinary treatment approach to rehabilitation which comprises of a paediatric physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. A great level of professionalism of our rehabilitation therapists along with an integrated approach to treatment and sheer love for children makes our rehabilitation program as goal-directed and successful as possible.

ORC Goal

The overall goal of paediatric physical therapy and rehabilitation at our associated best paediatric rehab hospitals in India is to include stimulating activities and play-based therapy which may contribute to the physical, mental, social, emotional and language development of the child. To stimulate brain function and achieve the desired results, our experts utilize principles of movement sciences. The latest technology and advanced techniques like PNF, Alexander and Bobath help in achieving the desired goal of achieving maximum functional independence including motor control, strength, flexibility, range of motion, coordination and improve daily activities of the child.

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