Parkinson’s disease is a progressive degenerative disorder of the central nervous system which affects body movements. The disorder is caused due to affection of nerve cells or neurons in a specific area of the brain that controls muscle movement.

Parkinson’s Disease Physical Therapy

Causes of Parkinson’s disease
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Parkinson Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation In India 
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Special Features

Why ORC?

OVERSEAS REHABILITATION CARE (ORC) is the most trusted provider of Rehabilitation services in India in association with best rehabilitation experts. At ORC, our rehabilitation experts strive to provide end-to-end care for the rehabilitation of patients with Parkinson’s disease. Whether the patent is in early stage of the disease or at a later stage, our comprehensive rehabilitation programs help patients make the most out of each rehab session. It is made sure that each rehabilitation program is made as per the specific needs of each patient. The patients are taught the strategies and techniques to deal with the multiple effects of Parkinson’s disease such as tremors, rigidity, gait disturbance etc that can be applied in patient’s daily activities.

ORC Approach

At ORC associated clinics, we have a unique interdisciplinary treatment approach that combines physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to provide a collaborative treatment plan which is customized as per the unique needs of an individual. People with parkinson’s disease are being provided with an intensive and highly specific therapy across our rehabilitation sessions.

  • Physical therapy – Our physical therapy programs are aimed to improve balance, gait, aerobic activity, initiation of movement, flexibility, increase independence and provide training for prevention of fall along with other safety measures.
  • Occupational Therapy – Works on maintaining activities of daily living at home and work place along with maintaining relationships, encouraging self care and independence and making cognitive assessments with providing suitable interventions.
  • Speech and Language therapy – Aims to improve loudness, intelligibility of speech, enhance methods of communication and help in swallowing or reducing risk of aspiration.

ORC Goals

With a multidisciplinary treatment approach, our aim is to provide patient-centered treatment after a thorough evaluation of patient with parkinson’s disease so as to help him with:

  • Improving flexibility with stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Improving fitness with aerobic exercises
  • Enhancing mobility such as walking, standing up from chairs, reducing risk of falls
  • Improving hand-writing
  • Managing stress
  • Give speech training in swallowing
  • Help in self – care activities strategically

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