Choosing the best hospital for stroke rehabilitation in India is now made easy with ORC

Choosing the best hospital for stroke rehabilitation in India is now made easy with ORC

Are you among those who are seeking neuro rehabilitation in India but are baffled by the idea of which hospital to opt for after having read a lot of information on the internet? Getting rehabilitation for stroke abroad is indeed a task as one has to first hunt for the right hospital, skilled hands for the treatment and at the same time find out an affordable option to embark on your journey to a foreign country. Moreover, undergoing stroke rehabilitation overseas requires a lot of forethought and planning as it is easier said than done. It not only requires one to be meticulously prepared in order to be at par with whatever you would be requiring for your stay in a foreign country but would require one to fore-plan about the expected recovery before you decide to undergo treatment abroad.

What would even make you more confused in deciding about the right treatment option would be the similarity in the use of treatment modalities for physiotherapy rehabilitation and their availability at various hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation centres in India. At this point in time when you require the right guidance about the right hospital for your loved one’s stroke rehabilitation in India, the role of a medical tourism company comes.

A medical tourism company not only helps you in choosing the right rehabilitation center or the best stroke rehabilitation hospital in India but would guide you at each step in order to make the most out of your trip for your stroke rehabilitation treatment in India. Right from the time you would be surfing the internet for finding the best hospital for stroke rehabilitation in India to the time you come for the treatment till you recover and fly back, you would be needing the support of a medical travel company.

Overseas Rehabilitation Care is the first dedicated physiotherapy concierge service company in India which helps you choose the best hospital for stroke rehabilitation in India with ease. We at ORC understand that rehabilitation of a condition like stroke is not that easy as neurological rehabilitation is a slow and gradual process. Thus, choosing the best hospital for stroke rehabilitation in India is all the more a task simplified with the help of ORC.

At the first step of your search for the right hospital for your stroke rehabilitation, we would help you get acquainted with the type of facility where you can come for your stroke treatment. Of the numerous available options we will help you make an informed decision as to which would be the best hospital for stroke rehabilitation in India for your loved one. There are various hospitals, rehab centres and clinics however we will help you decide which one would suit you best as per your budget and treatment needs.

Secondly, we will help plan your trip and assist with your VISA and travel planning so that you may not have any problems in your boarding. We will make a tentative itinerary for you so that you could have a structured plan for your visit and treatment in India. There would be a dedicated Case Manager who would accompany you right from the time you land up and then go for your first consult, avail treatment until you go for a follow up and fly back to your home country.

In India, you can also plan for your recuperative holidays at soothing holy places like Hrishikesh or relax at the Ayurvedagram of Kerala or go for sight-seeing at the Backwaters. There are numerous options available for sight – seeing in India which would rejuvenate you and help you recover at a faster pace.

In a nutshell, Overseas Rehabilitation Care helps you plan your rehabilitation trip to India with a lot of meticulousness and would make your rehabilitation tour as comfortable as possible. As we associate with chosen few best hospitals for stroke treatment in India, we assure you that you will be ably taken care of for your stroke treatment in India. To know more about the best hospitals for stroke rehabilitation in India, visit – or write to us at or call us at +918506006677.

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