Cerebral palsy (CP) may be defined as a group of disorders of the development of movement and posture which lead to activity limitation and are attributed to non-progressive disturbances occurred during the development of fetal or infant brain. Often the motor disorders of the cerebral palsy are accompanied by disturbances of sensation, perception, cognition, communication and/or by seizure disorder. The group of disorders is a result of a range of etiologies occurring in prenatal, perinatal or post natal period and range in severity. Although the condition is non progressive but overtime the clinical manifestations may change as the brain develops with co-occurrence of other neurological impairments.

Cerebral Palsy Physical Therapy

Types of Cerebral Palsy
Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy
Other Neurological problems
Causes of Cerebral Palsy
Risk factors for Cerebral Palsy
Prognosis of Cerebral Palsy  
Diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy
Treatment for Cerebral Palsy  
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for Cerebral Palsy
Expected Outcomes

Special Features

Why ORC?

OVERSEAS REHABILITATION CARE (ORC) is the most trusted health care provider offering excellent rehabilitation services in India.  At ORC, we understand that each case of cerebral palsy is unique. We thus aim to provide individualized rehabilitation program suiting the unique needs of each person with cerebral palsy.  Having treated innumerable patients with different neurological conditions at best physiotherapy clinics in India, ORC understands each patient’s requirements well. The team approach of physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech-language therapists at our clinics provide coordinated care for children and adults with cerebral palsy.

ORC Approach

OVERSEAS REHABILITATION CARE (ORC) non-medicinal specialized physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment includes heat, massage, exercises and other external means of treatment to help improve movement and motor skills of patients with cerebral palsy. Our team of physical therapists and other rehabilitation experts carefully assesses the degree of physical limitations of each individual and provides the most beneficial treatment plan to patient with cerebral palsy. Physiotherapy helps patients learn various skills such as walking, standing without support, using an adaptive equipment or wheel chair and other movement skills. Splints, Calipers and Casts may also be used as per the requirements of each patient. Our team of rehabilitation experts also addresses musculoskeletal problems through correct physiotherapy techniques thereby preventing muscular weakness and contractures. The technique of specialized physiotherapy plays an integral role in the daily lives of patients with cerebral palsy. It helps patients realize their maximum potential and functional independence.

ORC Goals

Physical Therapy goals for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Every child with cerebral palsy has different needs and thus each rehabilitation program is tailored as per his/her unique needs. Some of our goals of physiotherapy treatment for cerebral palsy in children aim to:

  • Improve muscle strength
  • Decrease muscle tightness through stretching and splinting techniques
  • Promote physical development of child through play-way techniques and everyday activities.
  • Enhance mobility with the use of different aids.

Physical Therapy goals for Adults with Cerebral Palsy

As every individual with cerebral palsy has different symptoms, needs and different level of functionalities, each rehabilitation program is uniquely made by our physical therapists and rehabilitation experts. Some of our goals of physiotherapy for adults with cerebral palsy aim to:

  • Improve muscle strength through strengthening and mobilization exercises
  • Improve postural alignment through mobilization and strengthening
  • Minimize abnormal patterns of movement
  • Increase sensation through sensory stimulation
  • Improve balance and mobility
  • Reduce muscle stiffness, spasm and pain through stretching programs
  • Reduce risk of falls and gait training
  • Provide functional electrical stimulation and various orthotics to prevent foot drop

Enhance quality of life and increase independence

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