Cerebral Palsy Physiotherapy Treatment in India – Management, Cost and Benefits

Cerebral Palsy Physiotherapy Treatment in India – Management, Cost and Benefits

Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders affecting muscle movement and their coordination. Cerebral Palsy or CP is one of the most common causes of movement or motor disabilities occurring in childhood. As per the data produced by CDC, the disease affects 1.5 – 4 children out of 1000 children worldwide.

The signs and symptoms of CP vary widely depending upon the affected part of the brain. These may include variations produced in the muscle tone, their becoming either too floppy or too stiff, spasticity, development of ataxia, rigidity, athetosis, delayed milestones, tremors, drooling of saliva, to name a few. The chief cause of Cerebral Palsy is the abnormal development of brain before the child is borne owing to the factors such as genetic mutation, fetal stroke, maternal infections, lack of oxygen etc.

Physiotherapy Management of Cerebral Palsy

One of the key elements required in the multi-disciplinary approach to treating cerebral palsy is physiotherapy. Physical Therapy is the treatment by which the physical impairments of body are rehabilitated by the strengthening and training of the muscles to get back to a state of optimum to enhanced function. This involves strengthening of the muscles of the affected areas thereby increasing one’s functional control as well motor functions of the body.

The goals to be achieved in the management of cerebral palsy through physiotherapy include developing coordination, improving balance and control, building strength, maintaining flexibility, optimizing body functions and making the individual as independent as possible. The earlier the therapy is started the better are the outcomes.

Cost of CP Treatment in India

Cerebral Palsy is a complicated neurological condition which involves the holistic rehabilitation of the person undergoing physiotherapy treatment. This includes physical rehabilitation, occupational rehabilitation, speech and language rehabilitation and psychological support along with support of other allied personnel. The cost of Cerebral Palsy treatment by means of physical rehabilitation involves involvement of multi-disciplinary staff and is a prolonged process, thus recovery or improving function is cumbersome, time – taking and costly.

When compared with the western countries, the cost of CP Treatment in India is way economical than what it would cost in the west. Not only does one get quality treatment in India but at a cost which is one fourth of what is being paid in the western world.

Benefits of Undergoing Cerebral Palsy Physiotherapy in India

The benefits of undergoing Cerebral Palsy physiotherapy treatment in India are many, to name a few ; getting quality treatment by expert physiatrists and physiotherapy & allied science professionals at an affordable cost, English speaking hospital staff making communication easy, hospitality at its best being accorded by the hospital staff and availability of scenic locales for recuperation in India.

If you are among those looking for quality and cost effective treatment of Cerebral Palsy by physiotherapy, undergoing CP treatment in India is favorable. For more information about Cerebral Palsy, its treatment, outcomes, cost and benefits visit – https://www.overseasrehabcare.com/cerebral-palsy/ or call is at +91 8506006677 or write to us at info@overseasrehabcare.com

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