Brain Injury Rehabilitation in India – What you should know!

Brain Injury Rehabilitation in India – What you should know!

Rehabilitation after brain injury is a gradual and time taking process however it plays a very important part in the recovery of a patient from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Rehabilitation of TBI starts right from the acute stage of the injury i.e. right from the time the patient is admitted in the intensive care unit to the time they are shifted to the subacute unit or to a rehab centre. At the time when patient is admitted for a full-fledged rehabilitation treatment program, they pass through varying paths of the rehabilitation towards their road to recovery.

If you are considering rehabilitation after TBI abroad, then one of the best places where you can get both quality and affordable rehabilitation for TBI is India. Here are a few things you should know while looking for Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation in India:

Brain Injury Rehabilitation in India – Things you should know

  1. Individualized Treatment – In a conference held by NIH on Rehabilitation of Persons with Traumatic Brain Injury, the panelists at the conference recommended that the patients having met with a traumatic brain injury must get individualized rehabilitation on the basis of their strengths and capabilities. The rehab program should also be modified as the rehab needs of the patient change. Also, the rehabilitation program should be tailored – made by a team of multi-disciplinary personnel including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, Speech & Language therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers.
  2. Maximization of Functional Independence – The aim of the rehabilitation program lays emphasis on maximizing the function of the patient, be at home or in the society. The rehabilitation of TBI helps the patient to adapt to the disabilities or make them adapt to their disabilities. It may also help in the modification of the living space of the patients in order to make them adaptable as per the needs of the patient.
  3. Choice of the Rehabilitation setting – Choosing the rehabilitation setting for your loved one’s rehabilitation is a very important aspect if you want to get maximum out of the patient’s brain injury rehabilitation in India. For instance, if you have chosen an in-patient rehabilitation setting then the program is such that the entire set-up of the patient is rehabilitation focused.

The Home –based physiotherapy rehabilitation or serviced apartment based physiotherapy is another way by which you can avail physiotherapy once the condition of the patient is stabilized. The main focus of the rehab program is to maximize functional independence in a setting that best suits the patient.

There are many rehabilitation centers in India which provide end-to-end physiotherapy for traumatic brain injury rehabilitation in India. However choosing the right one for your loved one is the key to getting successful rehabilitation of the patient.

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