Brain, one of the most complex human organs is the control centre of the body. It not only controls all the major body functions but also controls one’s emotions and expressions. Brain Injury is a term given to an injury when there occurs an insult to this complex human organ. With such a complexity, recovering from brain injury also requires an intricate treatment plan owing to its long-term effects and so is required an intensive physiotherapy rehabilitation for brain injury treatment.

At Overseas Rehabilitation Care, we provide quality brain injury rehabilitation in India at chosen few best neuro rehabilitation centres at highly effective cost. We have a pool of expert doctors and rehabilitation personnel and associate with the best brain injury rehabilitation centres to provide you with quality neurological rehabilitation in India.


Brain Injury Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

Types of Brain Injury
Symptoms of Brain Injury
Diagnosis of Traumatic Brain Injury
Treatment of Brain Injury
Recovery after Brain Injury 
Brain Injury Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation in India
Period of Brain Injury Rehabilitation in India 
Expected Outcomes of Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Special Features

Why ORC?

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation after brain injury requires an interdisciplinary team approach for providing comprehensive care to the patient. At ORC, we have a pool of expert neuro rehabilitation personnel at the best brain injury rehabilitation centres in India who are highly qualified and have years of experience in handling complicated brain injury cases. They follow the team approach for providing individualized care to patients. Not only do they follow the best rehabilitation practices but also provide follow-up care.

ORC Goal

At ORC, our major goals of Brain Injury Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation are :


  • To make the patient as responsive as possible
  • To make new cognitive and behavioural strategies in case of any deficits
  • To enhance mobility and skills for performing the physical function
  • To overcome the social and psychological barriers which interfere in making the patient independent at home or workplace and in the community.



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