With Medical Tourism growing by leaps and bounds in developing world, people from around the world are travelling abroad to seek quality medical treatment and healthcare services at affordable cost in developing countries. India is one such country where people flock in large numbers to get quality medical treatment and Rehabilitation services at economical prices. 

Today people can avail of quality Physiotherapy Rehabilitation services at highly affordable cost at some of the best physiotherapy rehabilitation centres in India that have world class facilities which are at par with any other chosen best physiotherapy centre in the world. Besides low cost of physiotherapy in India, the other reasons why people choose to get physiotherapy rehabilitation in India are- world class infrastructure, technology, treatment under skilled doctors & paramedical staffs, incomparable hospitality & care they receive here in India and absolutely no waiting time for Rehab care.

Whereas earlier some of the physiotherapy rehabilitation services in India were confined to catering to Out-patient services only, which have now seen a see change in both the healthcare service delivery system and the mode of treatment delivery as the physiotherapy in India is now available on out-patient basis also. The entire ecosystem of Medical Tourism in India has now been restructured as per the requirements of the overseas clients.

About Overseas Rehabilitation Care (ORC)

OVERSEAS REHABILITATION CARE (ORC) is the first of its kind best physiotherapy service company in India which is all set to establish a concierge physiotherapy model complying with the services available in the best physiotherapy Rehabilitation centres in the world for International patients. Both the In-patient as well as Out-patient departments at ORC associated best physiotherapy rehabilitation clinics in Delhi and pan India have the amenities that are comparable with any of the world class facility in the west.

So far Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation set-ups in India were confined majorly to Out-patient rehab care, however with new technology taking a leap in India and rehabilitation experts expanding their knowledge, Rehabilitation Tourism to India has become a hot cake in the Medical Tourism industry. Now people from across the world travel abroad to avail treatment at best physiotherapy rehabilitation centres in India.

Rehabilitation in India with Overseas Rehabilitation Care (ORC)

OVERSEAS REHABILITATION CARE (ORC) is one of the pioneering healthcare facilitation companies in India which provides world-class physical therapy & Rehabilitation care at chosen few hospitals, rehabilitation centers and clinics of world-class repute in India. It bridges the gap between Out-patient physiotherapy & Rehabilitation with In-patient Physiotherapy & Rehab Care in India. Be it infrastructure or technology or expertise of Rehabilitation experts or cost of treatment, OVERSEAS REHABILITATION CARE (ORC) leaves no stone unturned to provide you with best of Physiotherapy & Rehab care that one can expect to get at any of the rehabilitation centres in the western world.  

OVERSEAS REHABILITATION CARE (ORC) partners with few of the most accomplished doctors, physiatrists, rehabilitation personnel, best physiotherapists in India and highly prestigious hospitals and best physiotherapy rehabilitation centres in India that offer seamless health care facilities and services for your physiotherapy rehabilitation in India. We have to our credit association of “JCI Accredited Hospitals” that are equipped with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure that together with the expertise of Rehab personnel offer flawless Physical therapy & Rehabilitation in India.

At OVERSEAS REHABILITATION CARE (ORC), we make sure that you get best of treatment facilitation for your Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation care here in India which is a customized service as per your medical condition. Additionally, we also make arrangements for your medical vacation and sight-seeing as per your requirements and budget.
As a healthcare facilitation company, we completely understand your Rehabilitation requirements and to make sure that you get the most out of your medical travel to India, we have imbibed the holistic and comprehensive approach for your treatment and Rehab care in India. We value your medical travel so much that we ensure that all our clients at the end of their stay in India turn out to be happy clients who then become our brand ambassadors to guide others for seeking their medical treatment in India.

Vision, Mission And Core Values


To be the best healthcare facilitation organization for the global patients looking for quality Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation services of international standards in India.


To use the best of our knowledge, skills & experience towards providing world class healthcare services to our patients with a compassionate care & healing touch of our experts, latest technology and state of the art infrastructure.

To provide patient-focused and result-oriented physical therapy & Rehabilitation services to patients coming from across the world to India

Core Values

Quality – We constantly strive to raise the bar to meet the quality standards in Rehabilitation services to enable patient satisfaction and create a benchmark in healthcare arena.

Integrity – We value each of our customers and thus provide honest care which makes us a distinguished healthcare provider.

Compassion – We believe in providing rehabilitation care with a healing touch which every human being is ought to get.

Our Team

Team Image

He is Director & Co-founder of Global Rehabilitation Care. He brings with him 13 years of experience in corporate and human resource sector, taking care of all the marketing, operations and execution work at GRC.

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Dr. Nishchal Chugh

MS (Ortho), MCh (Ortho)

Dr. Mazin Mohammed Shafiq

MSc Sports Physiotherapy and Exercise Medicine


Advisory Board

Why Choose Us?

We, at OVERSEAS REHABILITATION CARE (ORC) chosenbest physiotherapy rehabilitation centeres in India, understand that traveling overseas for your medical care, away from the comfort of your home is not easy, especially when you have several questions in your mind such as how would the treatment outside your home country be, how skillful are the rehabilitation experts abroad and how cost effective would the treatment be, opting for medical care abroad indeed looks like a task. At OVERSEAS REHABILITATION CARE (ORC), we understand all your concerns & dilemmas and we act as an interface for you to overcome all such fences that stop you from getting the best Rehab services at an affordable price abroad.

OVERSEAS REHABILITATION CARE (ORC) helps you in the following ways to help you get the most out of your journey for your Rehabilitation tour to India:


We provide complete rehabilitation guidance as per the needs of each patient. We very well understand what the patient is actually going through and advise him/her with an accurate diagnosis by our healthcare experts, chalk out a structured rehabilitation program, let the patient know about its expected outcomes, duration of stay and cost of the rehab program in India.


Once the patient has decided to undergo physical rehabilitation with our expert in India, we help the patient plan out his/ her journey for a Rehabilitation tour to India.


As a healthcare facilitation organization, we at OVERSEAS REHABILITATION CARE (ORC) provide comprehensive rehabilitation services to patients and help them make an informed decision about the choice of Rehab centre, Rehabilitation experts, patients’ accommodation, food, travel and In-land transfer options in India.


Once patients have undergone their rehabilitation treatment in India, we provide follow-up care to the patients once they are back to their home country. We make sure that the level of improvement in health they have achieved here in India is maintained or further improved. We thus encourage all our patients to keep in touch in case they need any expert advice or further treatment guidance as follow up care with us.

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She is Director and Co-founder of Global Rehabilitation Care. A Bachelor of Physiotherapy graduate, she has years of experience in healthcare and medical tourism industry. As a physical therapist and an entrepreneur, she understands

Dr. Nishchal Chugh

Dr. Mazin Mohammed Shafiq

Dr. Beenu Kumar Taneja